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4.0081 stars - based on 614 reviews
10 Park Hill Road East Cambridge, Ontario N1R 1P2
519-624-PLAY'; Customer reviews:
This is an amazing and fun place for your family! We love it here and go monthly.
I'll start with a neutral review based on the 360 degree views of the place. Now what would really be entertaining is if they had an "In The groove" (Dance Dance revolution) dance machine where one could play their own songs IN THE DARK. Then it would be a great workout which is what many people could use right about now (instead of following and eating a cheesecake recipe) during covid season.
Great place for kids 13 and under
Nice staff fun ally
They need some renovation!!!
Enjoyed a lot with my friends. Well time spent 👌👌👌👌


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By Chris Stark on Mar 15, 2021

This is an amazing and fun place for your family! We love it here and go monthly.

By Matt MacLellan on Mar 08, 2021

Great place for kids 13 and under

By Joseph Gervais on Nov 18, 2020

Nice staff fun ally

By jatinder singh on Oct 15, 2020

Enjoyed a lot with my friends. Well time spent 👌👌👌👌

By Jamison Van Dyke on Oct 06, 2020

By arvind lail on Oct 04, 2020

By Lee Chatten on Sep 26, 2020

By Brad Manning on Sep 13, 2020

Good location, staff is helpful knowledgeable and friendly, very kid friendly, they have mini golf as well and you can't beat their price. I recommend wearing white!

By Mark Prociw on Sep 13, 2020

By Imdad Ali on Sep 09, 2020

Good place for fun time with family and friends.

By XdhighonGfuel on Sep 07, 2020

By Raafay on Sep 07, 2020

By Robyn Lynn on Aug 20, 2020

By lindsay quinton on Aug 08, 2020

By Parveen Saini on Aug 01, 2020

By ZJ - 12ZZ - Lincoln Alexander SS (2132) on Jul 28, 2020

Its a nice place that brings you good vibes , good customer service , I LOVE how the place it looks . I'm going to visit again very soon.

By Marina Propp on Mar 15, 2020

Great place to have fun bowling. The staff are really nice. My group goes there at least once a month.

By Delia Demelo on Mar 14, 2020

By jessdS7102UG on Mar 11, 2020

Love this place - lots of fun every time we come here (have been coming here for years) Most recently was in January, 2020 with my parents and grandparents! Bowling is good, the place is super clean and the arcade games are a blast. The old school jukebox is also a bonus - always great tunes playing. The owner is incredibly nice too! Definitely recommend for families or groups of friends.

By Curtis Kowtecky on Mar 10, 2020

Good pricing great place for kids birthday party